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Strappy Caged Platform

Strappy Caged Platform
ALL I NEED ADVICE FROM GIRLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I need all and any advice for all girls? Hi I lost a bet and I do have to run to this girl in high heels and a tight dress and if she gets lost a day dressed in everything you want and bring me where she wants you to know how to run in Stellet Sandel 6inch heels and tight mini dress … the race is .. if it breaks off the heels of the torn dress i automatically lose …… im not allowed to do anything to wear …. or heels and I have to take things as it is that if I try anything that I am a boy dressed wins of http://www.greatglam.com/pd-caged-theme.cfm heres heres the heels http://www.electriqueboutique.com/ womens-shoes/Sexy-Black-6-Inch-Strappy-Platform-Sandal / PL-KISS-212-BLK.html

This looks like a disaster waiting to happen … But I think the best way forward would be to run on the balls of your feet. A bit silly, yes, but you must keep your weight on your heels, because the ankle is less stable real …

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