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Strappy Buckle Platform

Strappy Buckle Platform

Zapata Styles In the spring / summer 2010

For spring and summer of 2010, you can touch the sky high heels or flats depending strut in your step. Put spring in your step with some of these hot styles of shoes that are right for next season!

With the arrival of the army of all that inspired this spring that are no longer limited to military jacket military to express the fashionista in you. Choose some kicks with a camouflage print and stand out among the crowd. Designed Heels comfortable mesh that resemble chain mail also inspire a military feel. leather straps and buckles Many put some skill in stride. A shoe with a mixture Army inspired chainmail, belts and cords puts you on top of the standings. With army boots on your feet you will be prepared to face any battle that comes your way.

Face to scratches and stains can toe spectator dizzy. Put some pride in your shoes this spring with an animal print wedge. Stem to the market while using some cheetah print or zebra wedges. Of course, you can use the real thing, but there are optional updates that are made by printing points and lines in animals an eco-friendly material such as linen.

For summer days walking in the warm weather is spectacular sandal shoes Travellers to fall flat. While the strappy gladiator sandal shook this past summer season has come loose and lost its multitude of straps. Slouchy loose skin around the ankle makes this sandal a walking shoe that sets the feet as free as a nomad.

Evoking the fairy tale Cinderella Princess with a sandal it shines on the glass slipper mod par excellence. The use of summer 2010 sandals Lucite makes a clear and crystalline. Look like an angel floating only hovers over the earth, just trying to keep both on their feet.

Ever feel like you want to go surfin USA, but you just can not get your feet on a surfboard? If you are not close enough to ride the waves put their feet into a pair of platforms in place. Get even closer to the sun with a couple platform that incorporates a sports environment and deaf. Platform sandals with heels made of cork and nylon accents brings the spirit of the ocean right on their toes.

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