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Strap Wedge Sandal

Strap Wedge Sandal
What should I wear to a bar (part II)?

I have a lot of repsonse to my last question. Now I will give boys and girls a choice to make my team for my night at the bar. With everything I have, I'll use nice jeans. Now this is wear that come in: 1 – With or without a cowboy hat (Live in the south, so it does not look too hard) 2 – wedge sandals with high end, high wedge sandals Old Navy, Old Navy and flat sandals TOP: 1 – tight T with words on it to show belly (not much, unless I walk by many to be raised about 2 – dark green semi-tight low-cut T) 3 – White with black Low cut long sleeve cut 4 – Blue low cut spaghetti strap with rhinestones along the top and silky material now mix and match to what you think will better. For more information, click my avatar and see my other question that says "What should I wear to a bar ?"… Thanks a lot in advance …

Use blue spaghetti strap low cut and high wedge sandals, open toes. I really dont know what your shoes look like or what color they are but I'm still if they look very good. Ditch the cowboy hat and show long flowing tresses.

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