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Strap Sandals Size

Strap Sandals Size
Rainbow sandals are extremely uncomfortable – Is that normal?

Rainbow sandals I bought from eBay because I heard Rainbows are really comfortable and a long time. They arrived in the mail today and tried to put on and it was very hard trying to get even standing there. S like there was not enough strap length to accommodate one foot. The size I got was 6.5-7.5 and I'm a size 7, so I do not know what could be the other issue that the shoe was made incorrectly. Really I had to push hard to get my foot in there, and once I had the sandals, I almost could not walk well, my feet were so trapped. Give the high reputation of Rainbow I really do not think it likely that they have made a defective shoe. So now I'm wondering if this is normal and all I have to wear the shoes, or if these shoes could be fakes (I did remove them from eBay, after all). And if they are false, is there any way to tell between a real rainbow and a fake?

I happened to me too! The first time I have them and used them in the first day of school, I have very bad blisters, but now a couple of months later, they are actually comfortable! its completely normal, because their thick skin and only be used for more:)

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