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Strap Platform Pump

Strap Platform Pump
Do you think I should wear heels with my wedding dress at my wedding?

I really do not know if I should wear flats or heels and my wedding day. Going to be a great day for both of us and I want to look their best. I do not know if I should wear high heels and wear flats. If I had to wear high heels should I use a needle or a pump or perhaps a platform? I've heard people have said that a platform has more support and more comfortable. What type of heels should I buy? I also find a high heel shoe that has an ankle strap? Can someone please help me?

This is the answer my daughter and wife came up with (Daughter is getting married in January). Carrying more than one pair of shoes. My daughter has one of its bride'smaids carry around. When you need to look their best, she will spend about 3 "stiletto heels (I think with a ankle strap). For other times, she has a pair of slip on (no laces) and floor (ok, with about 1 / 2 "heel) and a pair of ballet-type slippers. His aides all know about this and many of them have purchased identical heels, flats, apartments and slippers but all are responsible for their own shoes, while my daughter only has to say: "Oh, the time the photos! need my heels." and they shall be carried before it at any time. I believe that this work plan, keep the bride cool and minimize the possibility of trips, trips or falls from the experiences even user highest heels you can still have. I hope this helps and good luck. Have a very happy marriage and a happy marriage that lasts forever.

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