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Strap Platform Heel

Strap Platform Heel
I'm so confused!?

Im taking these kinds of modeling every Thursday and this week is the first. On a sheet of paper they gave me, that says what clothes use, but I'm still confused. Please help me! This is what the flyer says: "Water Bottle-shoes to wear on the track (girls need a shoe with a" – 3 "heel, not platforms, wedges or slides. The shoes should have a strap or heel and a smooth bottom sole), Pen and notebook Dress code: You can wear comfortable clothing, but maintain a polished look. Remember, we are working for maintaing a professional appearance. NO jeans or any kind of jean. NO bare midriffs, halter tops, NO micro mini skirts, no shorts, low-cut tops NO, NO velvet tracksuit or jogging suit, gym shoes or NO tennis. NO flip-flops. ————————————–… I am a year 13 girl. Please, I'm so confused about everything. Please tell me what something is (like a slide ?!?!) and compose and dress shoes for me. photos would be good too.

calculation shoe is a shoe that can slide on the floor with JST can be any model!

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