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Strap Flat Walking

Strap Flat Walking

Walk like an Egyptian – the evolution of sandals

In the world of fashion, styles of the past often make a return to the present. The basic construction of sandals today (a sole joined to the feet with straps) is very similar in composition to the sandals that were used by ancient Egyptians. The sole of the sandals the former was typically flat with a thin strap in the form of the letter and that split the big toe and second toe and fastened on both sides of the foot. While there are many similarities in the past sandals, there have been many changes.

The big difference in the ancient Egyptian sandals and today is the material used to make sandals. The ancient Egyptians did not have the range of materials available to shoemakers today. In today's sandals have rubber or other waterproof material and sandals clothing that may include components of suede. In ancient times sandals were usually constructed of a material – sheets of papyrus.

Sandals & Class

In ancient Egypt there was a clear division between the upper and lower classes. All had to cope with the hot land of Egypt, but Egyptian art seems to indicate that the sandals were only part of the clothing of royalty. This is a clear difference in the impression of sandals today. The sandals are probably more shoes universal in the world, are suitable for almost everyone.

As is the case today, the sandals of ancient Egypt were used by both men and women. When the bottom and upper class wore sandals, however, there remained differences that separate classes. It is believed that some high-class Egyptian women in sandals adorned with jewels and other decorations. Women still want more in their sandals. In addition to the ornaments of jewels and sandals are now available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and heel heights. Anne Klein sandals are a platinum-style sandals that have been dressed in jewels and stones in the central belt. These sandals are definitely a change in basic style sandals of ancient Egypt.

The division of the kinds of footwear was also practiced by men in ancient Egypt. The sandals worn by pharaohs different from those used by ordinary workers in the material. The leather was reserved for upper-class men, as Pharaohs and priests. Joint working men wearing sandals made of sheets of papyrus and other materials they could find.

Sandals are still as popular as they were in ancient Egypt, and is likely to embody styles of the past.

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