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Strap Dress Walking

Strap Dress Walking
Could floors look good in a short dress Thaat comes above the knees?

For my eighth grade graduation and we need to wear dresses, And i Boughtt a little thing that is Black N White N Its A Lil above the knees, N his word of honor. Cuz I hate to wear heels walk in them Cantt, N feet hurt. So I wondered if the story would hardly look good with the dress Thatta? No. If someone would give me links Thatta To Black Flats are cute butt simple. NI do not want a THT U Correa or whatever. Some juss simple.

black and flats would be nice. almost any shoe store and flats would be plain black. try DSW, Payless, Off Broadway shoes. go to the link below, have some.

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