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Stones Dress Shoes

Stones Dress Shoes
makeup for the dance competition.? .. please help?

I have natural blond hair and green eyes honey. my skin is very pale, especially in the legs, shoulders and arms I have a Latin dance contest in a week I will be dressed in blue in all Swarovski stones and silver shoes … I can not decide what kind of makeup use … should be clear … please help. …..

Since it is a dance competition, you will want to go for a more dramatic look rather natural. In addition, and your dress is blue sky – I'm thinking a smoked silver / black / blue eye would be perfect! First start by applying a light silver with subtle glow around the eyelid, the mixture with a brush merger. Then take a charcoal gray and blue with subtle glitter and apply it in the crease, making sure that fuse into the silver lighter. A Next, take a mixture of soft black and soft black apply to the outer corner of eye, lighter silver and charcoal gray / blue shade. Finish by applying a matte vanilla / white eye shadow to the brow bone as a highlight. Blend, blend and mix! Next time you want to do eyeliner. Grab your eyeliner more and the black line tightline waterline and then take the eyeliner and apply a thin line on the upper lashes. Make sure go slowly and do it in short strokes and do not want the line is too thick. Expand eyeliner just beyond the outer corner of the eye. Once you done this, take a q-tip or brush stain and smudge the eyeliner out to achieve a smoky look. You can then a thin dark line under the lower lashes and take a q-tip and the smoke that out too. Then comes the mascara, use a black mascara and before applying mascara curl the lashes and curl before applying mascara keep it from breaking. For extra drama, I suggest Ardell lashes means instead of a band full of false eyelashes, eyelashes are half that is to go on the outer corner of the eye. Basically, stretch and make your eyes look bigger. Once you've applied makeup, lipstick. I would a nude lip, because you're playing up your eyes and wish that the focus be on the eyes. Revlon mate "Nude Attitude" L / S is great! Apply that and then take peach pink lip gloss and lipstick go with a glossy finish. If you want to use the flush, I'll take a similar tone in the shade of lipgloss of your choice (peach and pink). Hope this helps!

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