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Stiletto Peep Toe

Stiletto Peep Toe
What to wear to family function …?

I go to a semi-formal party in a few weeks. The problem is that I have no idea what to wear. I'm thinking a skirt and a good top. Shoes – I'm thinking of wedges, the finger of the courts-peep or stilettos. So basically, what skirt / top combo is recommended for a family of formal functions, semi? Note that I look good because I have not seen much of my family in a long time and wants make an impression.

Whatever you choose, use it before the show! Getting used to the equipment and know what can and can not do, eg, bending, reaching , sitting (very important) No matter what you choose, if you do not feel comfortable the team is shit! Also remember to break in your shoes, blisters hurt! In a role of the family, you may not want to show too much cleavage or leg too much, unless you're trying to pick someone up?

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