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Stacked Heel Sandal

Stacked Heel Sandal
How to fix the faux wood heel shoe?

I have a pair of wedge sandals (which I love) with a faux wood stacked in the heel. The faux wood part is wearing off, however. No one knows how to fix this?

That depends entirely on the look of the shoe, I guess. (Too bad it did not include a photo!) However, if you have a steady hand and the damage is minor, you can always try to solve the heel with a pen, marker permanent art or any material that adheres to wood imitation (plastic?). In addition, Get creative! If you have the artistic impulse, create something more on top of the area. Maybe you could cover the entire heel with an original and very interesting design (the painting). If that fails, or if they dare to try any artistic operation, try to find a cobbler. They are far and few between, locate and find. " Have fun!

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