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Sneakers Shoes Size

Sneakers Shoes Size
I need comments for Cloudwalkers shoes (sneakers) Avenue (Plus Size)?

I am overweight and need comfortable footwear sneakers in particular, as I did not find affordable shoes that can easily support my weight without breaking / getting tired quickly. I searched online recommendations for trainers and people have recommended Nike, New Balance and Asics, but gave no specific figures to look stylish. I'm also on a budget so I really can not spend more than 40 for a pair of shoes. It need not be sneakers, can be like tennis shoes or running style apartments style provided support

I work in the hospitality industry and am on my feet all day. I am also an older woman and wear for more than cloudwalkers work. They are comfortable and durable. I highly recommend them and can pick up quite reasonably on Ebay. Check your local Avenue store and have done good Sales in them most of the time. Hope this helps:)

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