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Snake High Heel

Snake High Heel
girl high heels use? Help?

I'm 5'6 "and 110 pounds, which is a bit tall and thin for a girl that I've always been flat shoes, with the exception of my high school graduation, when only the heel. My girlfriend and I are going to New York next month, and he bought me a pair of heels snakeskin purple to wear to a fancy dinner, while we are there (I could never lead to where we live, is too relaxed for heels here). He is "6'2, so I'm still a good three inches shorter than him in them. Although I really think your cute style of shoe, and I can walk them well, but I feel akward being so high on them (at least 5'10 "with heels). think they look great, but I still feel very huge. Am I being weird? I do not usually have problems with self confidece, but my height is my downfall. Any idea how to overcome this for a night, so I can use? I was so excited when you gave them to me, and I feel safe to use?

Yes youre definitely strange about it. Haha. Because I am 5'10 and even wear heels. Only you have to go. 🙂 Answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index; _ylt = AtRhzFYhYbjpE86qBWdzwi3sy6IX; _ylv = 3? qid = 20090815234737AAvBvLF

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