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Slip Heel Sandal

Slip Heel Sandal

Enjoy its exotic beauty, High Heels

High heels have long been lovers of women. Women like to wear high heels to attend to parties, meetings, interviews, even shopping and work. Because high heels meet the demand of women look sexy, slim and tall, attractive figure and elegant variety of heels stand out among the shoes. For example, the famous French brand Christian Louboutin enjoying good views for their red soles, high heels, high quality never go out of fashion for its style of truth. And the international music scene has seen its wonder, involving all kinds of parties and award ceremonies that shows his attraction with appropriate Christian Louboutin shoes. We can say Christian Louboutin makes women exotic fantasy that attraction.

Bring beauty women, high heels also have some problems or pain to women at a time. If you are a slave to high heels may also suffer from corns, bunions and foot planes without care. Here are some tips for women who go after beauty, exotic beauty.

high heels and stilettos are more attractive to women that are thinner, and fashion. Women who are not skinny can choose flat shoes or heels thicker to maintain the unity of the body. Make your own color and style. The color black is the classic high-heeled shoe or boot, while the wildest color options are also displayed by his characters. Discuss boots to pumps, Christian Louboutin, may be a good option. And usually, the more open the shoe, the less support to be provided to his feet. Perhaps high-heeled sandals are fascinating, please consider how long you can bear with a pair of high heels sandal. Practice walking home long before taking her high heels out can also be a good idea. Get your feet used for step by step and make the best use for 15-30 minutes at a time, then remove them and massage for foot pain. When walking, you must ensure that our vertical keeping your heels, never roll to one side. Especially when using very high heels which will lead to feet due to slippage. And you will find high heels that lead to small steps, is normal. The higher the heels are short our steps will be. When you is in high heels, forget the time they are in sneakers, forget the steps below sneakers, and then high-heeled shoes are you're a lady.

Styles with a light soil in the toe area are about to be more comfortable, as they minimize the angle and pressure on the ball of the foot.

Certainly, no matter what advice they know and remember when you are in a pair of high heels, the pain can not be removed completely.

Another solution is the right choice, well-designed shoes that are considering the relief of pain in his feet. As for this design, Dior, Christian OL Louboutin and are quite successful. Especially where designer Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin makes a perfect combination of exotic beauty and comfort of high-heeled shoes.

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