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Sling Womens Shoe

Sling Womens Shoe
OK ladies – What is your opinion of men the use of high heels?

I am a heterosexual man who has been wearing heels more than 20 years. I regularly wear moccasins, sandals, slings and pumps in public mostly jeans and pants, sometimes with a hose. I like to wear pants women's jeans boot cut that heels are mostly hidden. I try to match the shoes with the team so that the shoes do not look silly. I have more than 40 pairs of shoes for women with a variety of styles and heel heights. I know it sounds strange, but I like the use of high heels as often as possible and enjoy has everything to do with fashion. I love the way women's shoes look, feel and sound. I know there are some women out there who are turned on by this sort of thing, but you had to love to know as much as possible of the ladies here to see what you think. Thanks!

My girl love you!

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