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Sling Back Strap

Sling Back Strap

What is a Mei Tai Baby Sling Carrier?

What is a Mei Tai?

A Mei Tai (pronounced "may tie") kangaroo is a type of baby carrier with a square or rectangular body of the fabric at the center, with two waist strap and two long shoulder straps attached to each corner. This lets you link a set of straps around the waist and one around your shoulders so you can take your baby on your front, back or side. The length of the straps means you can fit any body shape or size, so it easy for you and your partner to share. It is less well known Child carrier structured type Bjorn. However, some have more support Mei Tais and include a more rigid upper support a newborn's head. You will often hear a company Mei Tai baby referred to as an Asian company back or ABC for short. The ABC refers to Asian baby carriers like Mei Tai, and Onbuhimo Podaegi. Some of ABC only has two films in the top and Onbuhimo Podaegi and style. However, the Mei Tai straps all four corners.

At what age can my child use a Mei Tai carrier?

A parent can practice the "baby wearing" Mei Tai with a company of a newborn baby to age, parents can still get to carry the child. This varies but on average you can use this to about 35 or 45 pounds which is around the age of a child to 3 years of age, but this may be less in some cases.

What styles bid Mei Tai?

MeiTais have a look very beautiful and stylish Eastern and you can find companies Mei Tai in a wide range of materials, designs, styles and colors.

What benefits MeiTai offer?

Mei Tai sling is lightweight, portable and easy to use. It can be folded easily into your bag.

A Mei Tai sling is very comfortable and parent is able to use one for hours and hours. This is because of the weight is distributed evenly across the hips and shoulders.
When using a baby MeiTai should be in a squatting position called propagation. This means that the baby's knees should be above the bottom and legs must be distributed over the hips like almost as if they were sitting. This is said to improve the health of the baby and, in particular, help the hip and spine develop correctly.
What positions to carry baby has made a Mei Tai?

A Mei Tai can be used to carry a baby in a carrier or a company's position on back. Also Use a Mei Tai in a hip position in the company by his side.

Mei Tais have recently come into the spotlight due to a number of celebrities been seen using famous bring their children in.

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Kath Taylor is now a mum of 3 children. After just giving birth to her newborn baby Zoe. She has used a
Mei Tai
with her first two children and thought it was an excellent baby carrier. She is now using a
to carry her new born baby Zoe in.

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