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A sample of designer shoes by Manolo

What makes the women of Sex and the City so sexy? Apart from the attractiveness of innate sex actresses sexy clothes, these women are oozing with sex appeal because of their feet, especially if they are using the designs of Manolo Blahnik.

Designer shoes Manolo are indeed considered as one of the sexiest selections of footwear today. After Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) blurted out that Manolo designer shoes shoes are to die for, women all over the world started to gaga over his unique creations.

Considered as the star of "fifth" of the series television because the popularity of his designer shoes like stiletto heels embellished with pearls, precious stones, and ribbons, Manolo Blahnik continues to gain fame. In fact, his wide selection of shoes, now sold in various stores, usually ranging from $ 500 to $ 2,500 worldwide.

With the help of his apprentices and assistants, Manolo Blahnik continues to produce the best and the sexiest ladies shoes worn by Hollywood celebrities, super stars, supermodels, and high society around.

UNIQUE DESIGN A single creator

But what makes their creations to the demand despite the sex and the city fashion? It is because the designer shoes it creates are synonymous with high-heeled shoes, beautifully designed and elegant design, which are intended to supplement the needs of each woman. Known as overwhelming, unique designs, and individual charm, Manolo designer shoes have become very famous because they reflect the wearer's personality and taste.

Inspired by the rich Regency eras and Rococo periods, Manolo designer shoes provides women great selections of shoes that have a different touch times and modern times.

Based on its factory Parabiago, Italy, Manolo designer shoes only produce less than a hundred pairs a day to ensure quality. In fact, every shoe designer Manolo is subjected to almost 50 different production processes. Manolo says it also oversees the production of designs in order to give the best to their loyal customers.

His shoes, universally known as "Manolo" boasts a long list of celebrities and famous clientele royalty as Diana, Princess of Wales, Madonna and Kylie Minogue.

Besides being used by famous people, Manolo designer shoes are also visible in top catwalk collections, fashion magazines, and television appearances.

Some of their wonderful creations include Jeweled metal guides, Black Crisscross alligator slides, 'Yatona "tip of the toe, Oved Oorsay D' heel pumps," Verila 'Brown Tweed High Heels, Manolo sequin pumps, Samba 'Patchwork' pumps, and Manolo Blahnik Leather Pumps.

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