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Slides Sandals Size

Slides Sandals Size
comfortable sandals? Please help me find some?

each pair of shoes I can buy give me blisters, and each pair of sandals I've owned me blisters given, so I never wore again. Please help me find some more comfortable this summer. The belt in the back of the foot end to the touch and give me blisters and that have wide straps across the foot rub and also give me blisters. Also my feet end up sliding on what may in some worse. I jewel sandals if possible and convenient for him to walk with ease. I am a size 4 please help

You need to buy sandals leather – preferably with a suede leather insole, and it sounds like your sweat on your feet that is causing the problem with blisters. Birkenstock sandals make great it would be ideal, not knowing if they have precious stones, but comfort is more important if you suffer from blisters. Avon also make a great product that can be painted in blister prone parties before coming out with new shoes to stop blistering.

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