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Slender Heel Sandal

Slender Heel Sandal
Help me make a party-teen Outfit?

It is a semi-formal party, I wear a dress. Please include makeup tips and accessories, if you can! I'm 5'3, pretty short and I can not handle more than two-inch heels Age-15-Black hair / brown, layers, bangs, past shoulders, I want to Lowest for the Governing Party Type Slim / Slender Skin / Light Golden attribute-Legs Favorite Favorite Colors black-Just anything, because I have many things too black and Budget-50-dress dollars to mid thigh to above knee Makeup-please keep it simple because the contacts of the use and really sensitive eyes, mascara and eye shadow is well Shoes-1 inch to 2 inches, sandals, high heels is a party at night I think this is enough. Please help me out. I'll choose a best answer. Thanks to all a lot! I prefer sleeveless dresses. Halter, suspenders, solid colors. Thanks for all the great responses so far!

1: get a dress. choose a "different" colors like green or purple, because you want to highlight. not be afraid to hit up sale racks, is only part not dance graduation. try to get a halter style, THN you do not have to worry about slipping, but still can show some skin. 2: depending on the bag you already have, you should not need anything new. you'll want to bring your wallet either regular or a small clutch with no value and only needs. regardless, wants yo'll valubles left out because dancing with a bag is simply uncomfortable. 3: Choose the shoes match your bag. wear flats or heels depending on what you are comfortable to dance in. be sure to clean a bit, especially if you use them every day. if you want to do a little more informal, black nylon clothes under her dress if they go with the dress color and shoes / bag. if the colors do not flow, no go. 4: smooth hair, and be sure to use some kind of product to ensure that extend to a little heat. if you you can put your bangs back very well, go for where to get a little sweaty. 5: Use two colors of eye shadow, light beige to match your skin tone and more little dark. have them both a little shaky. use the light above the crease below the brow and sweep out a bit. thedarker use only at the top. then (if you feel comfortable with lining) is used in the outer half of lid and sweep out for a very light wing. then use dark brown mascara, and curl, once dry. 6. brush little bronzer on your collarbone and shoulders. it is winter, I will not be too pale! 7. brushing teeth and re-apply deodorant before going out. bring mints. if cold make sure you have a cardigan that goes with your dress and a light jacket to be outside.

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