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Skin Leather Platform

Skin Leather Platform
What would he think of me if so?

5'6''im have painted black and a pale white face, I'm wearing sunglasses John Lennon cyber green contacts with grids) looking over them, I have a lip piercing chain so that when I open my mouth these cables open section, so my hair is a short but spikey amd has technological designs along the sides of my head, I have an Alien Skin tattoing that goes from the right side of my neck to the bottom of my abs (and can not see very well anyway, im using my tapeon elastic wrist and arms, im using a waterproof jacket and a chain and lots of zippers, my platform boots are for climbers and toe steel poles to make me two inches taller, im also wearing tight pants leather with zippers everywhere, I'm also wearing gloves. Would you smile if I smile, or laugh at me? good ….. I did not look so good job.

I would laugh and say hi to you .. honestly. I would.

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