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Skechers Cali Gear

Skechers Cali Gear
Where I can find shoes Skechers Cali arts for kids?

I am looking Koolers Skechers Cali Gear shoes for babies / children Small size 7 in blue. They had them in the store today, but only in size 10. They had camouflage, but I do not like camo! I looked everywhere online and only found in black and camouflage. Does anyone know where I can get the specific color / size I'm looking for online? (I'm not living in the states atm, so I can not go to the mall …) Thanks for any help!

Have you read … if so try skechers.com Sears seem to have a good selection of Skechers … that's where I can get the shoes of my 2 year old daughters ..

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