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Simple Pointy Toe

Simple Pointy Toe

Man Formal Wear – How to dress with style

When looking at men's formal wear should follow some simple basic guidelines to achieve an instant classic look which projects a sense of style.

Getting the right look with the formal use of men is not difficult if you follow the guidelines image below.

His suit

In men's formal wear let's start with the election of an official dress.

1. Style

The changes, but you can not go wrong with one breast, solid color suit in black, gray or navy blue suit and I always remember one breast will make you look thinner and more elegant in appearance.

In men's formal wear a stylish suit can conjure up a series of images, all positive.

A suit can make you look powerful, mature, conservative, or sexy. Remember, most women love men in suits!

2. Fabrics and patterns

Wool is always a safe option for the purchase of a suit. It looks good and looks good.

Worsted wools are lightweight for spring and summer. Gabardine wools are heavier for winter. Wool Crepes are lightweight with softer finishes. Are heavier wool flannel. Patterns for interview suits are limited to solids, stripes (stripes, chalk stripes, band accounts, Multistripe), Glen quilts, and control (crow's feet, glass, and Fishbone).

Choosing The Right Shirt

In general, men with narrow faces can choose necklaces that are wider, to help broaden their faces, by contrast, men with wider faces should choose collars that are narrower, to help lengthen the face.


Suits come in basic styles and colors, but the links that will allow show their individuality within a formal appearance.

If you want to make a bold statement wearing a tie emblazoned with a patterned shirt, make sure that the combinations colors are the same and that the patterns go in the same direction.

Finally, do not forget the Length: It should hit the top of the buckle belt and the width is to treat the relationship between 3 and 4 inches.

Use men's dress shirts & Tie combines Suits

When choosing a trio jacket, shirt and tie, match its level of color contrast to your personal coloring.

Its color is composed of her complexion and hair color.

If you are coloring is high-contrast ie dark hair and fair skin, or vice versa – your jacket, tie and shirt combo should be high contrast, too. But if your hair-hide contrast is softer and lighter ie you're blond or gray with pale skin or dark skin with black hair – you have to go for low-contrast clothing.

Two scales different for balance when you're combining two like patterns of the jacket-shirt-tie triangle, they should be of different sizes.

If the suit is striped 3 / 4 inch apart, the tie should have significantly broader bands or thinner. If the suit is a striped one (with lines more than one inch apart), a striped shirt should be narrower and closer together.

If you use two different designs within the lapel triangle – for example, a shirt and striped tie or a striped suit and repeating-medallion tie – they should be different scales of size if the shirt has a narrow strip, tie need a couple that is broader, big bands to small.

De Stress

Choose clothes that de-emphasize its ends.

If you do not have enough, look for strong vertical elements: striped suits, two-button jackets. If you are very thin, choose a jacket with wider shoulders. If you have a heavier build then Wear darker colors and go monotonous from start to finish.


The first thing you should look for in a man's watch is a large face, as these designs are generally accepted by everyone as looking stylish.

Get a good belt

Do not forget your belt you want quality, a good belt quality need not be expensive and is money well spent.

Your belt color should coordinate with the footwear – black with black, brown with brown.


The color black is the traditional safe for work but Brown or ox blood colors can also look stylish.

You can also use a variety of styles including loafers, wingtips, round-toe, or the most fashionable pointed at the tip of the shoe.

Shoes are not a place for economize on quality. For men, shoes are the last detail and are one of the areas all women notice.

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Men's formal wear can really make a good impression if used the right way.

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