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Silver Ankle Strap

Silver Ankle Strap
Matching shoes with a dress: blue What night?

I have a midnight blue dress and can not wear high heels (I have balance problems, probably from chronic Lyme disease.) I did not want to use a black shoe because it is a bit typical or boring. What do you think silver? It would be a medium gray that looks like silver shoes have ankle straps, a foot with a final round open toe and about 3 / 4 "stack heel. Silving I have outstanding with a midnight blue sapphire in each so I'm thinking it should work. Well?

Silver always looks good with blue midnight and will help tie your earrings if you wear the shoes of the same kind of silver. I'm not so sure what exactly we are talking about shoes look like, but something like http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/46854745/c/934.html it would be nice and simple and elegant.

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