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What should I do now? : (?

About two months ago – my house burned down. They were not insured – but ask for a loan (to help back to Builes) and a quote. The event has not happened yet – so we still have not received the loan. People were entering and destroying the walls, empty cabinets, and break glasses (which were not affected.) They came through the back door – (which were destroyed). We forked to $ 400 to get to the back of the platted house with planks of wood. They tried to kick the tables in. .. (We can see the marks of shoes). I had a friend in elementary school – and he knew where he lived. I do not know why they came to my house – but she said she and "her" friends threw a brick at a window that was not damaged, We returned to enter the home about two days ago – (before she told me) and broke the window … Could I go to the police about this? What I can do? Thanks advance <3

I'm sorry to hear this. I tell this girl to the police, but it would be his word against hers unless there is definitive evidence admitted throw a brick through the window, etc. She is no friend or you nasty bitch. I really hope that you ordered, I can not begin to imagine what is happening.

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