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Shoes Tan Leather

Shoes Tan Leather
How I can get the smell of my bad tanned, leather shoes?

I have a beautiful pair of new leather shoes, only to become the most I've been comfortable. Unfortunately, they smell like dead possum. I've been trying in vain deo spray, and letting the air in my garden shed for six weeks (now I can not return). Nothing helps. Will cogar fuming with them for a night to take care of the problem? I am perfectly willing to invest in a cogars some good and a bottle brandy to take care of the problem. Or do you have a better idea? PS: Make that "cigar smoke," Please, let's leave well alone pumas. 😉

Try mixing bleach with vinegar (20% bleach and 80% vinegar) and spray the infected area. This will kill any bacteria / fungus that cause odor.

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