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Shoes High Heels

Shoes High Heels
I do not like high heels. there are shoes that are appropriate for the prom and even give me the height?

I really hate wearing high heels. I wonder if there shoes that are quite formal for the prom, but also give me a couple of inches tall. Any help or suggestions would be great.

Try a heel 2 to 2.5 inches. They are not difficult to walk and you should be able to get used to them very quickly or go with a 3 inch heel 2.5 inch platform 0.5 below (note that this will probably be little more comfortable.) Also go for a narrow heel, it will be a little harder to walk in a heel thick but narrow heel give the illusion of being taller and more elegant. Also get some supporting the heel, these will help to walk in front to a slide style shoes try lots of different brands and styles are very different in their level of comfort, when you find a pair she likes and feels comfortable using them in the store for a while before buying. Good luck.

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