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Try someone else's shoes for size: the experience of another way of life (experience Day Gifts)

The Journal of mundane behavior is a magazine dedicated to academic sociology everyday behavior and experience, dedicated to the study of "unmarked" – those aspects of our everyday lives that typically go unnoticed by us, both as academics and as everyday individuals ", ie the overlooked trivia of, say, the conversation everyday workplace behavior, or family life and how it can illuminate the way power relations and social conformity. So why do most of us have the overwhelming impulse to 'ditch' our so-called boring lives for someone else? One hundred of the brilliant men and women's magazines espouse the thrilling life of Hollywood stars, famous athletes and celebrities. Well, now you can leave your world and taste of glamor for yourself – enjoy Style Days Life Experience – you will never be the same again!

Does your girlfriend never complained about how she wishes she could experience another style of life and be like Paris Hilton for a day? Now you can make it feel like a modern princess, with a transformation of stars, style, all day luxurious pampering and style is waiting for you. Not to be outdone, has ever believed, as Paris's sister Nikki? Enjoy shopping addicted to it and send it in a "How course design your own bag. It is a potential money-spinner in the development – and who knows? You may also be jet-set by his side!

Experience other lifestyle as Star-Crossed Lovers. You can choose between two cites in Paris (for the most romantic city in the world!) Or enjoy a delicious dinner of two people in a London restaurant followed by a night at a theater near a West End Theatre and Dinner for Two – Gift Pack. The final picture perfect moment – the stuff that dreams and movies are made of – walking arm in arm arm along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, or home from the West End. Perfect!

And never underestimate the power of a picture – they do say it can say a thousand words! Why not capture the moment forever and purchase a Family or Friends Photographic Portrait Gift Pack? It a gift that will last a lifetime and bring joy to everyone who sees it. For the fun-loving family, unique Gifts for someone with a great sense of humor, give a Personal Caricature in Black and White. It will make everyone laugh, again and again, and there is a good chance that I've never had to do them before!

Experience a different lifestyle that is unusual, perhaps your loved one enjoy a step back in time and take a train ride through picturesque stream? Enjoy the love for architecture and innovations of a bygone era – choose the Cathedrals Express steam train experience, and it seems that the years sliding backwards in the meantime imagine an earlier era. It would also be great to feel the sun on your face and the wind blowing through your hair while browsing in a classic car and then enjoy a gourmet lunch for two people. Gourmet Classic Car Day for two provide all the thrills of a Robert Redford movie!

On the scale of delicious, a chocolate making workshop is an ideal gift and will surely have to get a perfect ten for not being able to withstand the enormous indulgence? O displayed on your mind, if you will, the ultimate experience of life style of meandering slowly through a vineyard dream, as winemaker tour and sample the craft. Wine tasting in a vineyard two Gift Pack is perfect for wine lovers. And if you need to spice things up, and if you enjoy getting a little steam in the kitchen perhaps the Indian cooking course is for you? Learn to whip a frenzy of cooking in your own kitchen! For the gambler, defy the odds and learn how to play poker like a pro! The Day of poker experience is largest poker tour in the UK, where it never changes hands for real money! A fact that your partner will very grateful!

Want to sing like a rock star? Drive like a Formula One Racer? Surf like a pro? Style Life Experience Gifts are designed to make you feel like you are Melissa Etheridge, a member of the Eagles, Michael Schumacher, Baker grant for a day. Or two. At least. But the memories will last a lifetime. If you are in the romance of ballooning, the thrill of a bungee jump or carelessly letting out their concerns at a meeting of flotation therapy, there is absolutely no excuse for not stepping into the shoes of another lifestyle. Try in size. You may like it so much, that I am!

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