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Sexy Fashion Shoes

Sexy Fashion Shoes
Tights, stockings, thigh highs are correct fashion. What kind of shoes i wear?

Pantyhose, Stockings, High temperatures thigh are correct fashion. So what kind of shoes I wear? I just bought a Marc Jacobs dress and saw a picture of the model wearing tights, stockings, or thigh highs with the dress. The dress is two inches above the knee and I want to look the same. I wear the dress with thigh high stockings or what type of shoes should i use? And if I get the middle or upper thigh. My BF thinks sexy thigh highs are a lot, but the dress can be a bit too short for thigh highs and I could be uncomfortable. the most important type of shoes?? Thanks for all the answers.

Ballet flats or heels! No Wedges

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