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Sequin Band Mid

Sequin Band Mid
What is this type of dress called? (For that you can search to buy)?

I saw a kind of dress I would love to take the next party, I would be grateful if it could tell me the name of this style of dress or maybe give me a link to one I could buy online (about £ 30) This is what I would describe as clothing: a band of sequins around the bust and then flows downward. About half of the drumstick / thigh high legnth. I hope that can help me:) Thanks in advance x

Sounds like an empire cut dress. However, there are tons of empire cut dresses in the world, and I have no idea of what you are looking for. Just find some in google.com Modcloth.com Urbanoutfitters.com Forever21.com Alloy.com Delias.com Nordstrom.com These are some great sites web. I hope you find what you want!

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