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Secrets Flip Flop

Secrets Flip Flop
5of a name to your preferred material items you have?

this is my list 1-http: / / www.go4ugg.com/images/ugg/Ugg-Classic-Short-Chocolate-5825_2.jpg 2-http: / / www.phonedog.com/r/c/11796-8042-167-175-3-500×550.jpg this really cute purple and pink bag I got from hot topic (I can not find a picture) 4-my thong Victoria Secret Pink Pink Aeropostale jacket-5 and you can list or photos as I

1. my new car … well, it's used, but new to me! 2. my DS 3. my new ring of gold … w / 3 jade stones on it 4. a pair of jeans I just bought … I lost weight and make me feel thinner! 5. my bra! is black and simple but I love it!

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