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Sandals Womens Size

Sandals Womens Size

Locals Sandals – the Official footwear Islands!


Slippahs Rubbah (Hawaiian Slang for rubber sandals or flip-flop), were originally introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by the Japanese. The rubber slipper is still, by far, footwear most popular local Hawaii. They are cheap and comfortable style.

The original brand of rubber slipper in the Hawaiian Islands are sandals Local. They have been "the choice of the surfer" for twenty years in operation. Virtually everyone who lives in Hawaii has at least one pair. These low prices, island-style shoes are also gaining popularity on the continent and people start to Relize not have to spend $ 30 and $ 50 for a good pair of sandals every day.


If you spend much time outside on the beach, waterfalls, or even around the house, it is likely that you could use a pair of these sandals. The premises can be used practically anywhere. They are the ideal footwear to go to the beach are lightweight, do not fill with sand and offers protection from hidden debris.

Premises also make a great shower shoe or slipper around the house. They fit easily into the bag and most of us living in the warehouse at the island at least a couple in the car for those times when we forget our shoes at home (it's a barefoot lifestyle out here). Locals Sandals to the rescue!


When it comes to style, location has something for everyone. By far the most popular is the traditional black solid single strap smoke. Locals also come in a rainbow of different colored belts, and for good reason.

Throughout Hawaii world begins his sandals before entering a house (it's a sign of respect and helps keep dirt out). It is not unusual to see out of fifteen pairs a gateway. Having different colored straps help to distinguish the sandals of all others and avoid the dreaded "Hey Brah, you take my slippahs?"


Probably the biggest scam of the surf industry has tightened is to convince the general public who have take up the words of forty dollars for a pair of "cool" sandals. Incorrect. There is a far better alternative than the premises of Hawaii know.

Besides the comfort and easy-going style, the coolest thing about sandals Local is the price. Prices may vary between $ 3.99 to $ 8.00. A so ridiculously affordable price your local library is sure to bloom (I have four pairs).

Also when your dog chews them or forget the beach, you can breathe easier. The low price also makes these shoes ideal rubber shoes for children (who seem to grow in size each month).


Depending on where you buy your sandals location, size can be different then you are using. In Hawaii premises are sold per inch (not shoe size), which can be confusing. We suggest that you buy from a website that does the conversion for you as Mauithings.com ..

Here is a basic guide to the most popular sizes to help select the right size.

4.5 to 5.5 = 9.5 "
6-7 = 10 "
7.5 to 8.5 = 10.5 "

7.5 to 8.5 = 10.5 "
9-10 = 11 "
10.5 to 11.5 = 11.5 "

The sizes are available (in select locations) in land size, but usually only come in whole sizes, so round to rise. If you use an average of 7 ", you probably want a size 8. Selecting a size that continues to the end of your heel will prevent the mud and puddles splashing the back of your legs when you're off the beaten path.


Remember that, like any other shoe, rubber shoes can be slippery when they are old and worn out (although better than the hangover capacity $ 40 brands). Good advice increasing the life of your sandals Local is to wash the salt and sand every time you leave the beach.

A word of warning, you're friends probably going to try to take off with the local population after seeing how stylish and comfortable they are.

Repeat after me – "Hey, Brah not take my slippahs rubbah! "

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