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Sandal Tiny Buckles
What should I bring to my interview tomorrow?

Hi all need some advice. I have an interview tomorrow at ALDO shoes, but do not know what wear for the interview. I've seen how they dress there and its a bit casual dress. I was thinking I should wear jeans from the slopes arent I do not want to wear and use a dress for an interview. But what I wear as a principle? The shoes that I have are probably more important in conjunction with the shoe store. Some shoes I have been more to decide are: bronze-high black heeled sandals high heels pointed toe with tiny buckles in the golden light floors facing of Aldos-just below the brown knee boots. If you have any idea of what to use as cover and what shoes to wear that would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

You probably should not wear jeans to an interview. Once they are hired that could help you use them, but I did not try it yet. Do you have any khakis or dress pants black?? You could use paint her black dress and high heels bronze wear a shirt the same color as the shoes. Or you could wear the black pants with a white or a red shirt and pointy black heels. Your boots brown and gold flats go with khaki pants and you could wear a blue shirt. Make sure if you are using open-toed shoes make your feet look really good. Do not forget to smile. Good luck ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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