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Sandal Tan Leather

Sandal Tan Leather
It's man of her dreams' asked to go to the show w / him … What wear?

(Notice. .. no me preface this w / "only for ladies. "Lol!) A) His most sexy black leather mini, w / comfortable 4" heels …… well, you want to call your attention! (And another thing all) 🙂 2) fashion capris, w / a nice tank, sandals available, and a bag that could hold a small town – you really want to watch only your tan spray, and seemed to LiLo F) The most elegant suit of Nike — you want him to notice that your tone of BOD 17) A beautiful peasant dress that could "accidentally" flying over your head in one of those amusement rides …. make you want to see — ummmm … whatever or Z) Whatever that @ # you want, cause you know the secret to be really sexy

Number two fashionable capris with a tank bag and cute sandals low if the evening or afternoon pleasant peasant dress sounds cute or different ID out of the black leather mini days for something else if the guy you like you will look good at all anything, but prefer to think of something sexy at times. I dress according to the occasion. At home im willing to try different things and go all out and I have no fear of wearing something sexy to certain places, but you have to know what looks good on you and collect the equipment to suit the occcasion.

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