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Sandal Pump White

Sandal Pump White
What shoes and hose should I wear

We are planning our wedding for February or March and more than likely still be in crutches stilll my left leg paralyzed. I am planning a white pantsuit and would be a white pump or sandal in the best way in my right foot with Hoose pure. My foot hit is always barefoot and sheer or opaque hose best for him. If I need another surgery and the other model, my dressmaker make a skirt to match my jacket and what about a shoe from it. Appreciate your views and I wish I could invite all of you.

In your situation, my feeling is based on what maximize or you have, and not try to downplay, for lack of a better term disability. On with the hose of the sandal and naked, and continue the look at your affected foot with the hose itself, unless the foot is afraid and wants to cover the scars. Sandals show the beauty of a foot, why not show the beauty of both. And if you are in a mold, definitely stick with a sandal and toes covered in plaster. I know your situation, and if I can help more, email me.

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