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Sandal High Heels

Sandal High Heels
What do girls think when they see men wearing high-heeled sandals and your nails in a salon?

Im a guy and havent i any mens shoes worn in 10 years. I prefer women to wear shoes because they are more comfortable for me to walk especially high-heeled sandals. Never I receieved negative comments about them. Only positive comments especially from other women and younger girls. I go to a beauty salon for both Hand and foot nails done like other girls have their nails. I love having beautiful long nails polished and polished toenails. why I get my nails is because at the time she was my girlfriend and asked me to try it once I had with her beauty appointment and since then I've been hooked on it. i wear nail long acrylic nails on my feet i also carry acrylic. My nails are always polished a nice color. At this point my fingernails and toenails were im doing French but I have a lead free bright pink instead of the normally white free edge.

The first impression would be that you are gay, but no big deal. If they are more comfortable then go for it. Women wear men's clothes so you do not know why people make a big deal about it. As for nails, I think that is good is that you get your nails, if you do not see color put on them. Gross nails are an important outlet for me.

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