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Sandal Flip Flop

Sandal Flip Flop
How do I attach Swarovski crystal flip-flops?

Anyone know how to securely connect / stick Swarovski crystals to rubber flip-flop sandals? Thanks! Who said anything about "cheap" flip-flops. I assure you, the flip-flop will cost more than Swarovskis. Lol … some of these responses are hillarious! However, thanks …

Clear gel tacky glue is good, and glue, but if you want something more lasting than definitely recommend using a hot glue gun. You can buy at any craft store like Michaels, Jo Ann, or even Walmart. (Where the fabric is in) "I can suggest using glue on the glass, then use some hot glue gun in the area to be extra bonds expected. Hope that helps, its shoes look great!

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