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Ruffle Bow Round

Ruffle Bow Round
Does anyone know where to find a jacket for my dog 50 pounds is not fu-fu to get warm in the snow

I took her to Big Bear in the snow and fell still, I'm going to Yosemite and snow and I will still be warm. I have looked online but I found all the little things fu-fu ribbons, ruffles, and faux fur. Although it is a girl who does not want to put in anything girly. I need something that will live in it while running all year. (I've tried a traditional dog sweater but she extended it.) I also do not want to spend a fortune on something she only used a few times a year. I I live in San Diego so it's hard to find something at a local shop for snow, even at Petco.

Check out www.tailsbythelake.com Lake is based on Tahoe and plenty of outdoor gear for dogs no fufu.

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