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18th Birthday: How do you celebrate yours?

While some societies have momentous coming of age ceremonies (boys in Papua New Guinea wear a conical hat covered with leaves that reach below the waist), in Britain stick to the old routine of opening gifts eighteenth birthday in the morning, after spending the day in the pub getting merry.

But while that's fun, it's hardly original and many of us do that every weekend, birthday or birthday parties do not. If you want to be a little more creative, there are all sorts of ideas for celebration themes that are entertaining, and not have to feel like part of a child. These are just some ideas, along with some suggestions for birthday gifts suitably themed 18th.

A country theme: There are a couple of ways to do this. One is the classic select a country and get that everyone wear appropriate clothing and eat food and drink theme. For example, a Japanese theme could see guests dressed as sumo wrestlers and geisha girls, eating sushi and drinking sake.

Another twist is to make a global theme where every guest is presented as a different country. You can even award prizes for whoever manages to bring most the various issues relating to their chosen country. And to make things fun, challenge everyone to find 18th birthday gifts referred the country.

A celebrity theme: OK, so it could have been quite a few parties where guests dress up as celebrities, but there are other ways of doing it. One is limited to celebrities and public figures from the year the guest Birthday born. Another is that each one has to choose a person famous with the same name as a guest first birthday.

A Krypton Factor theme: Anyone receiving 18th birthday gifts in the next couple of years should still remember this classic show hosted by Gordon Burns. It can be adapted at an event a day with their own turns, and do, is a competition for all, or only a challenge for the person celebrating his birthday.

Mental agility, observation, intelligence and rounds general knowledge, it is probably better at night, when few drinks will make them more difficult.

That leaves the coordination and capacity rounds physically for the day time. If you do not have a flight simulator in your back garden, you can always choose one of many related to the "experience Gift days aboard 'on the market as one of the 18th birthday gifts.

A football theme: If the boy or Birthday girl is football crazy, we could organize a kick-around, going to a party, use of replica shirts or hold a football test base. Beauty this issue is that there are dozens of appropriate gifts 18th birthday around football, so that's one less thing to worry about.

A station meters issue: Customers challenge of finding a suit that relates to one of the London Underground stations. This may seem harsh, but there are plenty of possibilities. You can come dressed as Paddington (Bear), Victoria (Queen Victoria o), All Saints or Grange Hill – or if you are stuck in reality, simple grave in a West Ham shirt. If you live in London, can make the birthday guest go to a base station treasure hunt before they get all the birthday gifts its eighth one.

A £ 18 item: Guests have to come in so elegant, fashion and fashion as a costume put together. The only downside is that his entire team from head to toe including underwear and shoes has to cost less than £ 18. It challenges your creativity, and leaves everyone a little more money cash for those important turning 18-all gifts.

A casino theme: This has a lot of possibilities. You can serve Vegas-style cocktails, hold a buffet (although it is unlikely that all you can eat), and a variety of games to play, whether for money cash, drinks or just lost to the losers. The dress code is up to you: you can theme with black and red of roulette, or go through with evening dresses and suits dinner and do not forget that twins birthday gifts with class 18.

A golf theme: This can be as simple as a night out dressed in polo shirts golf pants, or something more elaborate. We recommend not visit 18 wells, but a 18-round test could make the memorable day in particular when each round is about a year in the life of the host birthday. Lessons with a pro mark 18th birthday gifts for great golfers.

A theme party around the year of birth: For those who were 18th Gifts birthday in 2008, this gives you the opportunity to celebrate the year 1990 with a German-themed party to be held in the country's reunification, or a themed event Russia to commemorate the Soviet Union collapse.

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