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Ring Slide Flat
Mosin Nagant m91/30 extraction issues?

My Mosin has had some problems for the collection recently. I'm shooting surplus ammo 30 years of age (corrosive), but well washed after every trip. The pump is located in very well, and the rounds are fed to perfection but the first 2-5 rounds of the day are very difficult to remove, or just slide the bolt and the edge is closely set with the end of the chamber. Any ideas what to do? Should I just keep working through it (after 5 shots are right) or simply divide the money for a new M91/30? Oh, and no burrs in the chamber, I checked. The deposits are well after the extraction. Maybe important: not a rust ring around the seemingly flat shot hole at the tip of my post. It feels and looks perfectly flat, and I 'that erased "as far as possible, but that could have an effect? Spaciba!

carefully remove and clean your weapon kills any corrosion you find with extreme prejudice anywhere also some people use a well as light oil to prevent corrosion ammunition rounds that could help your cartridges used to extract better if the problem persists in bringing his gun and leave a glance the dealer must tell you that still have intermittent problems that extraction could find something I could not see I see no reason to replace your weapon more than one minor issue

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