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Red Platforms Wedges

Red Platforms Wedges
Why platform wedge heels more unstable than stiletto heels?

I ordered two pairs of red shoes to try a change of clothes: http://www.6pm.com/n/p/product_id/7239162.html http://www.6pm.com/n/p/product_id/7335015. html heel height is similar, and both have platforms. But the wedge is much more unstable, especially in the carpet. I just wedges are supposed to be more stable. There is also a lot more surface area on the ground of wedge in the stylet. Just wondering about the science of shoes – I've always heard that the wedges were easier to wear heels.

Well, on the platforms, the feet are on the ground, found perhaps two inches of the platform. Stilettos keep the toes to the ground, keeping stable.

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