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Red High Heel

Red High Heel
A cocktail dress with a matching gray tube red scarf and red heel shoes high-speed needle?

No red and gray colors match each other? Is it a good combination? In addition, art forms I would ask how I can put on my shawl?

Of course! Here are some interesting was to wrap scarves / shawls: http://www.swirlclothing.co.uk/Jersey-Wrap-Shawl-Scarf-Red-Wine_700_600_1ELFC.jpg http://www.vivaterra.com/pls/enetrixp/ object_utils.display_object? id = 3674551 & dummy = 0% http://www.ilovelowie.com/images/roses 20shawl.jpg http:/http://images.marketplaceadvisor.channeladvisor.com/hi/56/55713/GEN_SF9000_Multi_Colored_S01605_1.jpg / Www.naturallycaron.com/images/projects/sausalito_wrap/sausalito_01_lg.jpg http://www.creswickwool.com.au/media/images/498a716504736_shawl.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3037/3024886411_9478c4f80e_o . jpg http://shivomwoolenmills.com/images/image7.jpg I hope helped!

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