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Rainbow Sandal Tan

Rainbow Sandal Tan

5 fun styles wedge

Many people believe they must buy all of the same designs and colors of shoes each year. They lean toward always choosing white, black, beige, or a combination thereof.

The same styles of flats, pumps, or heels are also selected each year these people. If you're a part of this group, it is necessary to break that old boring routine. There are literally thousands of shades of all colors of the rainbow to choose from now. It is time to break the "normal" and experience all the new colors and styles of shoes. A wedge heel is the perfect place to start. Consider these styles 5 Fun:

  • The pastel colors are great when used in the spring and summer. When the flowers begin to bloom is the time to draw shoes in the colors of the wedges of yellow sandalwood, rose or lavender to match the flowers of spring.
  • For the rainy day consider the capture of a pair of wild eyes and rubber wedges. You will be both elegant and comfortable when caught in those spring rains. There are also boots wedge, if you really want to have some puddle splashing fun.
  • The red color is a modern, sexy and dazzling you can use either clothing or wedges. When you choose red wedge heels, however, go as high as you can. Wedges allow a greater height than stiletto heels, They offer more support to the arches of your feet. This makes walking easier.
  • The black is a good option to have as part your shoe closet, but that does not mean you have to be a boring place. Try Betsey Johnson black shoe style using black polka dot tie with a finger added foot. It is still black, but is smart enough to add excitement.
  • To be comfortable and cool, try some wedges platform. His foot is stabilized through the raised platform under the toe. This offers comfort no matter how high the heel.

With new shoes so many options and different style that offers every year, there is no need for cabinet to be always anything but fun and cool. These are the style options to start looking and find many more as you go.

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