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9ice good game and ASA

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to join this man, Abolore Adegbola Akande aka 9ice and this woman, alias Asa Bukola Elemide in holy matrimony. anyman Yes, woman, child or a hacker has a cause why this man and woman should unite in holy matrimony apart from the fact that the groom is already married … let him, her or speak now or forever hold him, the peace of it. Good! Since there are no objections, as the best men and women, I would make a toast, while I tell you why these two are a good match … no … that scrap! A perfect combination.

Abolore Adegbola Akande aka 9ice was born on January 17, 1980. It is a south-west of Ogbomoso in Oyo State, but grew up in the neighborhood of bariga in Lagos. 9ice attended primary school of Abeokuta and CMS Grammar School, and left his career in law in Lagos State University to focus on music. (Na Wa O!) Grew up in a polygamous household of five women and nine children. Her parents heard her singing career a year after it began around 2000. Before that, he wrote 9ice their own songs dating from when he was only 14 years old. It is worth noting that as a big fan of Pasuma Wonder, which kick-started his career of Fuji music singer. It is also a big fan of Obesere, popularly known as Oba Alashakasha – the king of fuji music sleaze in Nigeria.

9ice style was shaped largely by his grandmother 75 years old, which he said taught him everything that came to know about the culture, and the use of the language of Yoruba. In its words, "hardly say anything without the use of proverbs or anecdotes to drive home their points. So when I was trying to be creative with my music I thought about doing something different and that is why I am taking deep Yoruba words in my songs … .

9ice is known for his use of Yoruba language in their music. Yoruba listeners can not be excluded from their music. Try to maintain a balance between maintaining a wider fan base and maintaining its originality. Compared 9ice Youssou N'Dour to have won a couple of Grammy with recorded music in their mother tongue, and Yvonne Chaka Chaka, whose music has also embraced its language. Cited by agency 'English Language has been imposed but God graciously gave us the Yoruba language to us. "9ice also performed live in Cyprus in the garden Lions, where many if not all students in Nigeria, where attendees.

Bukola Elemide alias Asa (Asha), on the other was born in Paris, France Parent Nigerians. She was two when his family returned to live in Nigeria. A? One grew up in Lagos, south-west Nigeria. Twenty years after A? One returned to Paris, where his life as an artist took wing. A? One was twelve when her mother sent her to one of the best schools in Nigeria. But educational excellence had a bitter taste: five years of study and hardship. When she came home, discovered Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, Raphael Saadiq, Lauryn Hill, Femi Kuti and Angelique Kidjo, whose footprints next dream. At 18, Asa was very familiar with the frustration. The university was on strike, the choirs were snubbing to it. During these times frustrating, Asa used to lock herself in her room and sing, what he said was very comforting. However, he managed to get their voice heard within a radius of a few talent shows and her first applause brought her boundless pleasure. She then continued in secret for the School of Music Peter King and learned to play guitar at 6 months.

A? One was the only girl in the family and had to share his parents with his three brothers. At a tender age, he began to keep house for her father and mother's frequent absences. That's when A? One began to sing. The desire to sing came to her and not go away, carving out a place Standing in his soul. She preferred singing to talking, improvising endlessly until her mother made her stop. Over the years his father had accumulated a good collection of records with soul classics and Nigerian music, including Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey and Lagbaja and became inspired by them. A? One said: "I was a tomboy, and when I was a teenager I became very shy because people made fun of me … my way, I was already attracting attention! I have the habit of doing nothing like everyone else. People did not understand my low-pitched deep voice, the choirs did not want anything to do with me. I had to get to church first if I was going to have any chance of getting close to the "micro.

In 2004 A? One met his manager and friend, Janet, who introduced him to Cobhams Emmanuel Asuquo, who in turn became her musical partner and producer. He allowed one? A free spirit, to find his bearings and folk songs in English and Yoruba music somewhere between pop and soul, inspired by her musical heritage – with special care attention to the melodies – and reflecting the feeling you put into it. Her texts talk about their country, things in your life and life in general, all delivered with feigned naivety and real irony. She says "I like writing or thinking about my texts on the bus or moluĂ©, as we call it. 49 seats, 99 passengers standing up, as Fela described it. Everyone is crushed up together and mini-dramas out all the time. And at the end of the day, we managed to laugh, this is where our strength lies … "It was at this stage of his life that A? One finally returned Paris. This was his chance to prove his talent in the French music scene,

Now that we have managed to overcome their biographies, we will study what makes them sign of the couple.

Now, the best of this first pair here is his utter lack of respect for modern fashion and the latest trends … simply put … bling bling. For me, bling bling is more than the cheap silver and ice that many of these artists out there trying to fool people away who are living the Goodlife when in reality, is either given or are down right broke after peddling their belongings felt among all. For me Bling Bling is the team, the arrogance, the talk and the walk would be perfect to give you what you're doing and pay attention.

Now, I've had my eye on these two for quite some time and 9ice but lately has been furiously trying to live up to their peers as D'banj, P Square, Olu maintain, KC Phresh fashion … wait … on second thought, you might want to ignore the last two names. You know, sometimes I think the record albums just for blind kids with all that jewelry and oppress the public how well you can set one price clothing stores and as KC Phresh, what with all those colors? Is hurting my vision (strabismus). Anyway … back to 9ice. Lately, he has been trying to match their style with their popularity, fame and fortune, but they say that people may want to get the man of the bell, but you have to be very crazy to think you can get the hood of this man. There is nothing wrong with a little 9ice street credibility, be yourself. You may not be as flamboyant and flashy as unreasonably Olu Maintain (rolling eyes) or as color blind as borderline crazy KC Phresh, Gather Tuface am 'me, I'ma let you do "…' Ko photocopy easy." Look for Asa, how natural! Asa is probably one of those girls who walks a fashion showroom, see a poncho on the screen and asks if it is a caftan or something and she would bother about the answer became.

Asa is not really a fan of cosmetics. Trust me on this case. The only time you will probably find Asa wear any makeup is when you have an active Photos, a video session or a reality show really important. I'm telling ya, if she had an appointment at Burger King … Oops! Sorry, if she would Amala Shitte some with the guy and the guy and I say this respectfully, I do not bother with such trivialities. I saw on CNN some time ago and I was like …???? The girl looked like a missionary. But then I came to realize that everything from fears handle your shoes (which are anything but pumps and wedges) are just not complicated. This should make 9ice very, very, very happy. At least, not going to have to break the head for asking for the sample to make extra cheddar to change your wardrobe every second. He is very lucky and should thank us that are not matching with Goldie.

Apart from fashion and trends, you will notice that both 9ice and Asa are not weight … wait a moment … not even weight, not to mention more weight. They are elegant lepa. This means that they are hungry, but in fact are not. So I guess 9ice who do not have to worry about breaking your back carrying it above the threshold. Hmm … and here I was thinking about Bose Lepacious association with him. They form a excellent partner. Asa and 9ice I mean. Go! The Dude Have mercy on you?

These two singers have had an incredible year. 2008 was assigned especially to them from above. It was like magic or what we like to call the African Jazz. A moment that was not here, the following, which is playing in every home, event, office … whatever. There were no nominations for the awards they received did not win. Both efforts won the hearts of the Nigerian people, and both were almost immediately recognized and celebrated by the international audience. Both are brilliant lyricists … that would be an added bonus to her love life and the initial phase courtship. If 9ice always bad, a bit "Bibanke 'Asa must put it right.

Both are good at what they do and both had suffered and endured pain of rejection professionals before hitting it big. This will definitely be a major cause for the union strong. Some people say that Asa insists their local dialect condescending in a number of his songs even though it is based obodoyinbo managed by a label and touring oyinbo oyinbo land first before you because they can not compete with the big players in the Western world in the field of music that are currently operating in. In other words, simply can not keep up, so must in the case all else fails, do something for the people of Nigeria if you stop there. Well, that's a bit below the waist is not it? My response to those complaints is … "Have you ever heard of originality? If everyone was trying to be like Beyonce, the music will be boring to participate and that all probably would be buying the counter 9mm pistols to blow our brains out. Asa is good … almost perfect the way it is. Did I mention that I know her? Yes … both attended the same high school. My sister to braid hair every time because mathematics without scrolling too much. Just kidding.

A? A song Eye Adaba appears in the third episode of series three of the TV show of the E4 teen, Skins, in which Congolese young Thomas was forced to return to Congo Bristol, where he lived in an apartment owned by Johnny White, and made new friends in Pandora, Effy and the rest of the cast. The song was used for the scene where Thomas is told their suitcases by his mother and he feels bad about having to leave. She has played with artists such as the Nubians, Manu Dibango, Doctor L, Tony Allen.

Meanwhile, back in Nigeria, their first single, Eyes Adaba, then Jailer, were beginning to get airtime. MTV chose her as the ambassador of South Africa. Its popularity it was great that when she returned to Nigeria opened Akon, John Legend, Beyoncé and Snoop Dogg among others.

9ice as Asa has also had the opportunity and the privilege of performing for an international audience, and is associated with acclaimed personalities and celebrities. Served on the ninetieth birthday of Nelson Mandela concert tribute (singing "Gongo Aso") in London on June 27, 2008.

In the March 2008 edition of the Hip Hop World Awards, held in Nigeria, won 9ice Revelation of the Year and Best Vocal Male Model. A month later in the first Soundcity Music Video Awards, 9ice was nominated for Best New Artist. 9ice largest single is titled "Gongo Aso".

Since late 2007 9ice has occupied a prominent place on the campuses of Nigerian Soundcity / tours MTN Campus Blast. In 2008 he won the MOBO Awards for Best African Artist. That same year witnessed him walking away with the MTV Awards for Best African Music HipHop.

Now my only ISH with this particular aspect of this couple union is that unlike Asa is captivating on stage with innocent folklore class, style and presence, 9ice has absolutely no stage presence and their performances are often predictable, dull and mundane. Really! You will find the people screaming his ass off the song and not him. How lame is that? Hey … dont get me wrong, I love the music of that type. I must have one of the first 50 people who bought his album OK? I am a devoted fan. So take it from me, there is absolutely no beef for this friend. Simply I can not help feeling sad and confused about stage of his act completely. (Head Scratch), I particularly do not move all that jazz-musician as he does with his hand when he reaches a stage. Does everyone know what I am talking and if not … I guess the Jazz worked after all. Go! He did it in World Hip Hop Awards. Can someone please help a sister and tell me what the hell mean? 9ice … Really! You have to do something about the implementation phase if men do not want Asa to keep bringing home the lion's share of the rewards of his career.

BACKGROUND and ethnicity
Both Asa and 9ice hail from the western part of the country, allowing easy integration of both families. Both artists are also extremely PRO-AFRICA. The first time I went to the scene, tried to show off a little 9ice traditional Yoruba clothing and I think it worked well for him until the whole bling factor came into play. Hmm … (Zero) Head y'all Think KC Phresh pay someone to make them look ridiculous and that the person may have been more noticeable in the joint use of colors? They are not going to pay more money if that's what you're thinking. Oops! My bad … 9ice is right and Asa? Aaaaaaaaaaaarghhhh! FOCUS girl! However, in the newly … well … not too recently held Hip Hop World Awards, receiving the third prize, gave his acceptance speech in Yoruba dialect, completely ignoring the rest of us who can not speak or understand that to save our lives. However, to avoid being too personal about the whole this, a little commend him for it, the brother is not ashamed of his roots. Well done! As for Asa, the fact that it relies a million miles away across the ocean and yet is still very much in touch with their indigenous roots and traditional is incredible. I like that! Whatever you do, for Please do not use a stylist for the wedding KC Phresh aso ebi … PLEASE!

Now this is a tough nut to crack. One thing we all know about these two is that they are quite reserved and introverted … if you like big words. However, we must not make the mistake of confusing with the appearance of it. Maybe I should reformulate, and both seem to be reserved or introverted if you like big words. Yes! That sounds pretty good. Hmm … (Head of bleeding from scratching) As uncomplicated as Asa is is very difficult analysis. I mean, really is so close yet so far. The baby should not be around for quite some time and every time she is, she is not a long time and the time it is, never is the right time to do our analysis. She did not even have any of that time to give us, even if was still not enough time to spend time analyzing your, so you only have to look for another time, what would be the appropriate time Instead of … (Head spinning) you get all that? I do not think I did.

Ugh! Now, if you got all that happened Mumbo Jumbo, I have heard first Asa the vine plane, which it basically get what you see. She's pretty quiet and down to earth. She's the type of person who could wear slippers, cross the street to buy garri soaked in ewa Ganji unlike some of our divas screen would steam the face, take a little … good one for brown mound hide stains and unattractive marks with blood from her lips and drown the whole neighborhood with their perfumes freshener just to buy the shop next door. Crazy huh? With Asa the word clock is low maintenance. She is, without doubt, the dream of most men when it comes to temperament.

Now, no one can speak of 9ice. I say, seems to have started that way, but the bird heard from a reliable source that this guy has a fairy tale of the recent serious begun stepping foot with its thousands naira shoe and bite the hands that once fed him. Now I do not know … but as I said, was from a reliable source. No matter, there is said and everybody knows that this is true … "Women gain power." I'm pretty sure that is something that Asa can handle with ease and if it does not come round, that's what the guitar is there for. Hit him hard in his sleep. That should knock some sense back into him right.

Now I do not know about you, but Asa and 9ice is definitely a good game, but if you do not think so graye@goodlife.com.ng email me and let me know your thoughts on these issues and can also make their views on air our good party next week-end and Sammie Okposo ORJIAKOR Cossy. Get it online … Diapers!

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