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Pumps Heels Shoes

Pumps Heels Shoes
How many pairs of shoes, heels or office bombs do you have?

How often you change them? Do you ever wear the same pair two days row?

I have a large collection of high-heeled shoes – all with at least a 4 "heel. Heres what I have 32 pairs opentoe closed toe pumps 47 / pumps peep toe pumps strap 18 T 12 D 'orsay pumps 33 slings toe open toe closed 29/77 slings high heeled peep toe heeled sandals 48 high wedge mules or slides 28 15 36 stilettos platform boots I think that adds to 345, never wear the same pair of heels more than twice a month. Of course not all aforementioned shoes office shoes … some are too casual and some are too smart / sexy for the office.

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