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Pumps Black Pat

Pumps Black Pat
What should I wear to my 80th birthday party theme?

everyone is supposed to appear in 80 of wear. It's my birthday! so here is where I need strangers to tell me what to wear. These are the options … 1. madonna "burnout" as he later called Sheek miserable to 90, but Madonna was miserable sexy 2. Pat Benatar "wear" totally a class on their own 3!. molly rinwald "wear", new wave type of eclectic style. 4. Valley Girl: sweatshirts broken flourescents, tight black pencil fluted skirts, bobby socks (with lace) and pumps can BLANCO lol is in your hands! thanks!

Except for the pencil skirt I think the Virgin "burnout" is similar to Valley Girl Madonna would only wearing a white lace bodice. Go to Valley Girl with teased hair VERY, lots of hair spray.

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