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Pump Sandal Shoe

Pump Sandal Shoe
What kind of clothes and shoes do you recommend to carry Florida?

Like, obviously, the usual summer staples, but what clothing would be more comfortable for the theme parks? shorts, skirts a bit that thing? And I recommend using pumps / sneaker type shoes or sandals?

tissue-colored, loose fitting, breathable clothing – shorts and t-shirt or polo shirt. Do not wear sleeveless or spaghetti strap blouse or anything that exposes his shoulders; you sunburn so bad you have blisters. The straps are irritating to the skin – minimize any possible friction. A hat is essential – the largest and wider the brim the better, and the material blocking the sun but not the air. Use NADA darker bright primary colors – black is the murder in the sun. White or cakes are the best – especially for the hat. So what if it gets dirty easier – you have to be enough or want to be happy / healthy? Use the Little Black Dress night, when the sun goes down. Wear sunscreen at least SPF30 and use in all exposed skin or look like a freshly cooked lobster – and spend the rest of your vacation in the local hospital burn unit. Do not wear sandals: the straps are irritated, and his feet, white lily is exposed to sunlight and burns blood red. Also, you will pass more time on their feet for walking and queuing in a day at the parks than is usually done in less than a normal week. Use good game in sneakers or walking shoes with support in the bow and padded soles, soft, white cotton socks crew. Your feet will thank you! Minimum Carrying things in his pockets and / or purse, all otherwise leave the car or hotel. Stop at every water source can be found and drink your fill. If it makes you run to the bathroom twice more, the better – the bathrooms are air conditioned, and you can throw water on your face and neck and arms. Drink water or fruit juice instead of soda. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as the plague: they will dehydrate. Drink a minimum of two liters for each day in the park – trying to force four liters. You will be amazed how easy it will be. Why what preparations the Sahara desert for a day at the theme park? Two reasons: (1) Nearly all patients in medical aid stations parks are suffering either heat stroke, dehydration, sunburn or paralyzing – often the 3 – and (2) if you have to ask this question, which obviously never lived here in the summer and not know any better. me.

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