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Suckworthy Jemima has the filament of Tomorrow

(I) boring membranous skin of reality
The general consensus taken between brain cells J said he should not have taken the Special K. And yet yielded glassy inverted heart, and fall from droppers and tongue. The cells moved in form and color. Vibrative altered in rhythm. Back of the neck is that – due to the Special K – the animal without delay to sleep. He also noted the presence of some tiki torches good position dung covered with smoke.
"Hail the gods of sky, sea and earth," said Ensign Hot Karl as a kind of greeting.
Karl was Ensign, respectively, in tight leather pants and bulky, looking like a sculpture by Tom of Finland and painted with a fake tan.
"To appease us," said J unexpectedly and said: "naber robjob or something."
"Fuck. I'm out of my now" thought.
His number two, PA Assistant crystal, entered the gates of whistling and was holding a clipboard. J immediately recognized her as Jemima Suckworthy, immortal queen of sex and had been deleted wristed-off for many times. Jemima looked like a shit hot wild and crazy. Air Hostess with a cock in the mouth and pistol in the head. Yow! She must have wanted to go with the mainstream of her acting career at some point and this was the unfortunate result. However, it seemed to go to search black leather jacket zipped to the neck and microskirt. I could see the tops of his braces.
J looked at the big screen of the bridge. Apparently, to show your trip through space, the stars represented by ping-pong balls fringed black ink. They passed slowly.
Momentarily, the Special K had become the top J body in a Lego man. He held the yellow hand corner without fingers on his face and laughed uncontrollably. Small yellow Lego blocks fell from his mouth while did. He could hardly see out of solid black spots on his face. The last study session on the bars balloons over his head began to melt. It ran as a glowing white hot glass on his shoulders. Jemima smiled and her tongue was a garbage bag tied with red thread tubular sections. A little hole blown open at the end bag and a thin red tail poked through on flicker. He took the tiny tail, Which broke off in the his fingers in stump. He turned on the tail and started smoking it. small purple spots on bright while inhaling. Jemima cocked his head and smiled. He eyes were almond shaped and reptiles. J head grew to the size the bridge, officers pushed against the wall in avoiding life-threatening nasal and ear hairs. His body separated from his head, clean cut in the neck as clay that are separated. From the collar stump grew a new head. Engine was a curve, the train reptilian eyes wet with Jemima instead of the lights. Wheels fell off the train, rolled over and started a commune.
"Interesting," said new boss in a series of honks.
The old chief was suspended in place by the walls of the device. In crowded around, the crew looked puzzled and went about their work. From outside the ears of the old chief arose mechanical arms sinewy. One was fitted with a saw and the other with a pair of pliers. The vertical saw makes a cut above the nose of the head of age. Blood spattered the walls of the set and the face of age. A vibrant yellow sack of fluid fell from the court and hung on the ground. The new head of the tongue, which was brown leather seat, sticking out of his fence and licked his hands J. His body was face up and the court in tears. The saw and pliers made a slapping motion. The body also pushed irregular skull door and slid into the claustrophobic brain mass wormy purple and pink. The train engine head rubbed against intestinal slime brain, some of them yellow plastic. It took some time to make its way toward the center. There was a large brown ball on the road. She was introduced and unexploded ordnance. The body entered a small room in the center circle of the brain J. It was entirely black. The rectangular tiles that lined Mono that were marked with decimals small. One was set '00000 .1. 'A mixer that was completely black occupied most space of the room. black and empty chairs worn leather and sat opposite her. The desk was covered with a glass to moisture. Behind him was a tiny recording studio, microphone and leads The black housing is made of nerve endings. The nerve endings in point, as if for ever, a celebration of three levels of the grill a number of cakes black. The body was sitting on a seat and play with black buttons slip of the mixer. As he slipped one of the buttons above, the volume of voice inside the head J rose. This track was filled with the order to kill germs. The body listened to every track with Tooting intrigued. He slid all the buttons, one at a time, and created a massive cacophony. The layers of tracks spoke with the body:

Track Three: "It takes a lot of drugs."
Track Four: "Re-form his gang of crap. "
Track Eight: "Act like a jerk sometimes."
Twelve songs: "get out of jail."
Track Fifteen: "Violating a dead body."
Track Eighteen: "Find Ree-Land."
Nineteen songs: "Di shit" and changes its … a lot. "
Track Twenty-One: "Drink more alcohol."
Track Twenty-Two: "I love you Mary Sinthasomphone."
Track Twenty-five: "Making self-referential jokes. "
Twenty Track: "Dance in a circle, dressed as a Smurf."
Track Twenty-eight: "Read more Hernández-Prize .
Track Twenty-Nine: "Think you're in a TV science fiction."
Thirty clue: "Ben Lee is a musical genius. "

Each track ran on an eternal loop, runs on multiple platforms reel-to-reel hidden in the walls.
The body tried to slide the red button controls sixteen tracks only. It exercises all of its energy to move the button, but not moving. The agency took a step back and looked at the panel to lead the table on the floor. Aligned with the red button was a wall vaults. The body could barely see the complicated series of interlocking chrome parts in the back of the socket. J body decided that the best thing to do is unzip and insert your penis into the outlet. He thrust slowly at first, moving the red button a bit. I could hardly hear what they said. Black cakes turn a little faster. Began to push away madly in the socket, move the button a little above his zeal. The volume increased. The pies are moved in a blur. The body leaned back with their lights closed.
Sixteen songs: "You will be involved with the gut Tactics Commission, the Bolivian Army Cabra and the three demons. All of them feed him a lot shit. You will be distracted by his stories of subterfuge and power. Everyone wants Mono100. They seek absolute power you want. You will go along with this. Program Compliance installed in you was the result of an experiment conducted with the wild horses to prevent the breaking in process. This led to the genetic mutation that caused horses are getting smarter and many of them won the power of speech. Your father has passed a version of this program to you. Who created these horses mutant remains still unknown to you. You can violate this schedule if circumstances permit. This chapter of his DNA is to remain silent. It is created to remain subliminal symbol, like those found in the records of bad heavy metal. Security systems have been implemented to activate if you breach the silence of this program. "
J juicily body was spent. He retired from the shot, but the study window was shattered, a cake was broken glass. It flew into the jaw of the head again. On it was written in white ice: "You will forget everything you've learned if you eat this cake."
The new boss could not resist. Was bitten in the fruit black with her hair in black sugar sultanas and apple black and black. All memory of faded red button with every bite of the candy.
J closed body his eyes like black weevil fell from the ceiling with strings of web. Everything that happened just described in reverse order back to the mention of ping-pong.
Passed slowly.

(Ii) the destruction and death insemination
The crew stared at J, which was for a moment frozen in their own thoughts. His body had become what it was when he entered the scene. A small man of Zimbabwe, who recognized as J Ensign Tamagotchi, turned in his swivel chair.
"Captain," said Tamagotchi, "there is a ship about thirteen years Grongorgan pentilics the Claymore. What course of action we take? "
J saw what looked like an egg carton painted blue pipe cleaners orange hanging shakily on the monitor. J dropped into the captain's chair, brought the knuckle of the index finger to his chin and pretended to think deeply.
"Captain," asked Jemima.
J stood up and raised his arms in the air. Pop joints at the biceps and veins in the neck up.
"Destroy!" Ordered dramatically.
"But, sir, Tamagotchi said, "section eighty-two of Starfleet Pagan Convention clearly states that the rules of engagement are dictated by the enemy fire is coming and …"
"Look!" Tamagotchi shouted as he turned back to your control panel, "I think those bastards just trying to barrage us! "
"DESTROY THEM!" Repeated J.
"Too late, Captain!" Exercised Bitchfuckinghead Navigator ", the collision will occur in six seconds!"
The two boats beaten together, turned slightly backwards, and crashed again before fall outside the image.
There was chaos on the bridge, since everything started. The ship was plummeting. The crew clung to anything available. The pigs were upset a little. J fell on his ass and laughed inappropriately. The two ships crash landed – just a few feet away – on a small planet pink.
J got up and crossed the bridge. Lots of dust. A couple of small electrical fires. Crew scattered in all directions. The torches were fortunately, still in operation.
"Is it all?" Asked J.
The crew, though a bit battered, yes.
"Bugger," he said quietly to himself.
Jemima had torn the top of the half, revealing some of their labia. J was distracted momentarily. Her almond eyes were good as they got up and adjusted her microskirt.
J was originally started in a strategic way to reveal his left nipple. He was in a fury that seemed forced and Hammy.
"We're going to kill these sons of bitches Gorgan unlimited exclaimed passionately.
"Grongorgans, sir, "corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill the Gorgorans cried J.
"Grongorgans, sir," corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill the Gregorian!" Yelled J.
"Grongorgans, sir," corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill the Grappledons cried J.
"Grongorgans, sir," corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill the Googlebuns cried J.
"Grongorgans, sir," corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill the Grabarsegoodons cried J.
"Grongorgans, sir, "corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill the Gromulans cried J.
"Grongorgans, sir," corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill the Bluketards cried J.
"Grongorgans, sir," corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill Hi-5!" Screamed J.
"Grongorgans, sir," corrected Tamagotchi.
"Kill Ensign Tamagotchi!" Screamed J.
"Kill The GRONGORGANS??" Tamagotchi shouted, "Aye Aye, sir!"
"Prepare for battle!" Directed J.
The preparation involved the crew battle, over two hundred made of animal skins a part of the head intact and red noses, in honor of Galactic Red Nose Day and gathering in the preparation room silver domed battle. They danced in left a crowd around a firework as tribal drums piped through the surround speakers. A well-preserved dead horse hanging the roof had his legs bent in different directions by means of ropes. His stomach threw a shower of animal fats and confectionery. In a frenzy, the crew danced and smeared themselves with grease. J realized that he was the only one who reached a bit dry as it did. The crew arrived at a level higher stroke bloodthirsty. Jemima J approached the crew howl.
"Captain," she asked timidly.
"Yes, Suckw Assistant PA … I mean Cristal?
"If we get through this …"
"I just want you to know …"
"I just want you to know …"
"Well … I want you to know …"
Yes? Go ahead. "
"I want you to know that I can lactate at will."
"Hubba Hubba!" Said J as he poked his tongue and waved his arms like a chicken. He stopped when he realized that there was a pube in his mouth. I did not know who he was and tried to spit it out.
"Onward to battle!" Said.
The doors of the dome was opened and the crew surfaced fiberglass-like planet. The Sat Grongorgan ship smoke disproportionately bent and smoking. The ship's crew watched with anticipation and titanium. Finally the doors of the hall opened, making it one of the pipe cleaners fall. An army of cute, furry, and came up short anime characters with pointy ears and big eyes and emotional. Individual color were pink, yellow and blue. They laughed and waved. Some close their eyes and laughed with their feet in their mouths.
"Googabootchi!" He waved to several of them.
"Oh, pussy love, "said J, a little deflated.
"Just say the word, Captain," the Tamagotchi.
"Well, at least not Zygons" J said, "creeping the shit out of me."
"Same here," said Ensign Hot Karl.
"I want to ring!" Said one of Grongorgans as the jumped up and down.
"This is bullshit," J said, "these things are, like, nervous … Cutie … August … Jappy … stupid … things. "
Suddenly all Grongorgans "eyes turned red and the barrels of guns sprouted from his palms.
"All your base are belong to us! ", said the Grongorgans in unison, as he mowed down twenty of the crew with machine gun fire.
"Ooh shit!" Yelled J.
"Just say the word," encourages Tamagotchi.
"Forward!" J. ordered
In the ranks of the crew push about it, J said: "Oh, and uh … take your phasers off 'Stunning,' okay?" Yes? "Got it? right? "
And so began the bloody clash between humans and the planet Grongorgans Batharrrrr. The battle lasted a technicolor sunset dotted with cottony clouds. "Another body murdered 'rang in his head enthusiastically as J Grongorgan shot one after another. Fortunately the crew had fun and bulletproof armor red iron noses to divert most of the fire. The only exception to the dress code is that mooning Ponce (the "real") Zonar. His head exploded to pieces while he was adjusting his cape. After five minutes and many casualties, ammunition of both sides were exhausted. One hundred men were left on each side to fight together with pieces of bone of some huge animal had been found lying in the series. When nobody was looking, J Ensign Tamagotchi stabbed in the back of the head and kicked his dying body. Then cut away the faces of the enemy; cartilage of the nose and skull flying in all directions. A hopped Grongorgan merrily on the body of one of the men J. This further infuriated J, making the seams more on your computer to explode. He fiercely head butt one of the beauties and tore his arm. The sound of screams and twisted tendons echoed night. It trod the face of one of them until the brain mass was the only lubricant bulk of his boot. He cut away the collars and created sources of spilled blood, elements that licked his face. He put his hand on his chest and took out his heart, which maintain high as offerings to the gods. He broke his legs and let it drag for a little bit before beating the head with a femur old. Jemima J saw a piece of his nose off and spit it out with pleasure. The battle had quickly become a slaughter. J realize this because he had Grongorgans few remained alive. It was heartbreaking little one's teeth from their mouths, as stated at the mercy broken. As the dust settled, the survivors gathered and tied Grongorgans – blindfolded – to the tibia giant embedded in the ground. They were shot at point blank, their brains spilled on the floor and pop fluff in the air. A grave common was dug and hundreds of bodies were dropped into it pretty with the help of the mini-dozers Claymore. As the land filled the grave, urinated J in it with his fist raised.
"Let us never speak of this again!" He said while the zipper.
"Definitely, said one crew member, pumping the last of his semen in the anus of a dead Grongorgan with pins in her eyes.
The corpse had retained a chilling smile.
Jemima, inflicted with only a few superficial wounds, ran to J.
"Thank the gods that your labia is fine," said J.
"Thanks to his guidance and inner beauty …" he said with a twinkle in his face he could with toasted marshmallows.
"I'm just a man" J said as dramatically narrowed his eyes and turned his head towards the sunset in the east.
The frame pulls back to show the surviving crew jumping up and down celebration. They whoop and bloody bones wave in the air. Close up of a leg with blue blood coming out of the grave.
"Ring …" said in a low voice, muffled by the floor.
A vinyl boot crushes the hand.

(Iii) an exquisite celebration in the name of the gods
The orgy celebration had begun in the preparation room battle. The crew was in its stomach and ate the remains of their fallen comrades. Ensign Tamagotchi served with a combination of tarragon and basil. After the party, Roman showers began. Naked men standing in groups of three naked man vomited in another squat. Naked women standing in groups of three vomited in the bones stripped of Ensign Tamagotchi. Vomit spills over erect penis and anus subject to open. Vomiting is transferred through clear plastic tubes of women in the face of men masturbating. Vomiting slides between the joints of a limb Escheresque interlaced frames and torsos. Crouching over the table as a centerpiece, Ensign Hot Karl ejaculated into a souffle of brain hungry children devoured. Then took a steaming dump in the punch. A person consumed it. A couple made love in the cavity of the horse dropped dead. J watched the festivities on a monitor in the bridge. The image glitched for a second and again the ghost on it, making it the scene of a rock show, which included a man with an enormous head and many sheep. Jemima her hand and sat with him. One pig shit on the floor. Jemima suggested that they retire to the barracks of the master.
J was impressed by their headquarters. Were large and contained a double rotating bed with a doona leopard skin. J Grongorgan drank some blood mixed with vodka and Jemima seen her slip top. Her breasts spilled, her nipples erect large and surrounded by sensual goose bumps. He moved away from J and bent, which accentuates the buttocks mature through your socks. She fell back on the bed and removed the rest of his clothes. She hooked her ankles behind his neck and extended a dripping hot vagina with juices. J undid his pants and let out steam, assembly veins. He held the buttock with his left hand and masturbated with the right. Jemima licked her fingers and stroked the clitoris. It was red with passion. She stuck a finger lubricated with the juices, in the year. She was able to suck the nipple itself, erotically bringing it into the form of a pink tower. She screamed and pulled her head as she brought herself to orgasm. He opened a foot and mouth led J. He eagerly licked the toes of this beautiful woman. She stroked his penis with the other foot. J slipped on it and their tongues met, are intertwined. He licked his neck and made fun of his lobe the ear with his teeth. His groin pulled up in his thigh in delight. He stroked her clitoris with a ferocity smooth. Its juice dripping over his fingers. She cradled the scrotum in his hand and playfully pulled the skin. This caused a pearl of pre-cum to form the head of the penis J. He buried his face in his chest and ran his fingers over their huge nipples. She moaned with pleasure and began to masturbate again. He licked the armpits legs while moving gently over her shoulders. She went into her vagina wet and started to push. The veins in his penis stimulates the walls of her vagina, bringing it to a new level of ecstasy. She rubbed her clitoris in a circular motion and lower pelvis in the opposite direction. In his knees, pumped away like a shotgun. She brought her feet on either side of the head and J got up and took a rabid lion. She came and rolled over to suck his penis. He drew his tongue along the veins, encouraging more pre-cum. She cradled his cock in his balls hang low and meat and vegetables are consumed as a hot dog. While the tongue swirling around the head of his penis, she realized one of her nipples. He sighed in deep pleasure. It moved his tongue down the scrotum and anus. He could hardly contain. She will mount as an empty ice cream cone. He started masturbating as she did. He immersed himself in a sixty and nine position and began rimming it. He grabbed his phaser and put it for 'fun'. Gently entered her anus with the phaser and let vibrating rings shining barrel with a soft blue color. She came almost immediately. He was tied and hanging from the ceiling. She was fucking with a bottle of champagne and putting cigarettes in the chest. Began to expel urine and she took it in his mouth. Small slots cut into the penis with a Stanley knife and licked the blood. He punched in the face with brass knuckles. She started having her period and the blood sucked out like a leech. They were writhing in blood. Urinated in her mouth and threw a fart. He put his fist into the anus and pummeled away until he felt warm blood flow. He put a pair of scissors in her anus and saw the blood spill handles. She hit him in the teeth with a truncheon. He took her mouth and made her vomit. He ate the vomit and then vomit in the mouth. He reached into the trash and found a used tampon to re-insert into the vagina. Cut off part of her earlobe with scissors. He came to his face with a massive geyser and drank the semen miserable. She hooked again his feet behind his neck and had a massive discharge in the mouth. He ate the shit and punched him. Shit vomited again in the mouth. She came. She cut part of his penis with a Stanley knife and put it in your mouth. He took a bone in the body of Ensign Tamagotchi and forced the ear. She came. He extended his mouth, to the extent that could and spat on the tongue. They began to shit in the other's mouth again and she put the shit in the anus. He came. He began to cut into his chest with a knife. The blood ran in all directions, saturating the splendor of the captain's quarters. More were expelled blood from your vagina to the maximum expression of pleasure. Was urinating blood in her vagina. Apocalypse yellow stars running down his face. Blue tentacles fell from the ceiling and the rush of a nice summer day he lit the synapses of the two lovers. Their bodies joined in the form of a chimera eclectic. They imagined a long snout with shaking of the earth and the howling, nostrils vibrating. She felt the baby moving in your within a clone of alternate reality. Blood vessels filled with the fire of life. The nerve endings in the teeth feel. A scab flipped open and a worm color Brilliant Blue crawled underneath it. A building collapsed and left a million plastic toy soldiers danced with the green and debris. Deep from the depths of his chest burned your finger on the filament. It shone with a bright orange color. Had to follow. His face was frozen, and his mouth was a giant "O" ecstasy. Her almond eyes and went curly. He loved her. He bid her farewell. He caught, hand over hand, the filament through your throat and mouth in a Fresh benign sky with clouds and dozens of green hummingbirds. Beyond the sunset and the skies were parchment of reality and realize that he, a future self and the past, would be in the street and in need of accommodation.

About the Author

Kafe Gavani is the debut novel by Edgar J Barrett and is serialized online at www.kafegavani.com.

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