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Pointy Toe Flats

Pointy Toe Flats

Making the most of his (slightly larger) beautiful feet!

Some girls may feel embarrassed if they think they have big feet. But many women not have the size 8 and larger in the UK, and over High Street ladies shoes stores population 9 shows that size is very normal! And you can bet that the feet may not seem so big to everyone else as they do to you.

So try not to worry about the size of his shoe, as there are styles and fashions for people of all shapes and sizes, and remember that a lot of famous and beautiful women have big feet, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet, who all have size 9, more!

If you are tall, nice big feet will be perfectly in proportion to your body anyway so you should have no problems with them, are there to help balance, what you need if you are going to be dancing all night! However, if you are not as high, or just want to make your feet are smaller, then there are proven tips to help you choose the right shoes for do just that.

High heels or flats?
Wearing shoes with heels always make your feet look shorter as move the foot away from being flat on the floor steels some length. But this does not mean you have to balance like a ballerina on skinny stilettos, you can opt for half of heels for comfort, and walk down the street with confidence on the catwalk!

Pointy, round or square feet?
If you want to make your feet look shorter, unfortunately tip-toed shoes are not our best friends, like the bit of shoe on the point can be added a lot of greater length. Instead go to a classic square, or rounded, short stories including timeless ladies – dancers – which comes in all colors and designs imaginable, all year round. Just remember to get the shoes that are cut above the foot, too "broken toe" can be lengthen the look of them.

What colors?
Just in the way we use colors to define the shape of the body with clothing, it is true that the dark colored shoes will help our little Tootsies appear smaller. So ditch the pastels and why not try sexy shades of gray, blue, red and green, and black and brown.

Showing a bit of meat!
Thin strips shoes that show many of your foot look bigger, so try to T-bars and peep toes. If you must have straps so the wider the better, is the gladiator sandals with straps thicker at the front to create the width, and in turn make it appear shorter length.

Buy the right size shoes!
It most important thing to do is get your feet measured and buy the right size shoes – are not pushing the feet into the shoes of the poor who are too small, because it makes you feel better about the biggest feet. This will be ten times worse if your feet are shed from the sides, and is limping around and can not stand tall and confidence on the pain! Learning to love and be kind to your feet is a way to feel good about yourself, and make sure you do not do any harm and eliminate painful bunions later in life.

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