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Pleated Round Toe

Pleated Round Toe

How to make the shape of the body are fantastic!

We have all heard of an hourglass, apple and pear – but did you know there are actually 12 different forms of the female body? Each one as unique and defined as follows, and not easy to identify. In this guide, we look at six more body types common and give some tips on how to use your clothes to flatter and accentuate what Mother Nature gave you!

The hourglass

If you have big boobs, curvy hips and a cut on the waist, then her hourglass figure is the envy of most women and the fantasy of most of men! You have the most perfect woman – do not hide it!

What to bring You simply wear wardrobes. You should clasp your curves and stretch the trunk, so choose cardigans with V-neck and a tight pencil skirts. A pointed stylus could ruin the whole look to make sure you go to lock the heel rounded or peep toes of that atmosphere of Hollywood siren!

La Pera

This is all about of proportion, and certainly not in weight. The top fit and balanced, but has wide hips and thick thighs. You may also feel your legs, calves and a lack ankles.

What to bring flat-front pants can be your best friend. If you want to wear skirts and dresses, but not satisfied legs, then go for a pair of boots straight. It's best to avoid any pattern or bags around the hips and waist. The use of seat belts on dresses benefits or coats will focus on the waist and create the balance.

The cello

You do not do small. Big tits, big booty and large thighs, but all with an air of feminine charm – you are all woman! His neck and legs are toned and shapely.

What bring? The breasts look great in a wide V-neck and this can be seriously versatile. Go to the waist still skirts the edge of the panels down to flatter your tummy. A wedge will support your frame while displaying delightful ankles. Stand proud and bold color block.

The Lollipop

The envy of many, and perfect for the red carpet. In evening wear that is sex on a stick – plump boobs and slender legs that go on for miles! But daywear can be a bit more difficult, it is difficult to balance your shape.

What to bring elephant leg pants or Bootcut will balance out our big tits, making them too heavy less. Try dresses with pleats individual days to call attention to his waist. Keep your heels to match thin legs.

The Cornet

You were a tomboy when you were younger, and as the years curves passed those bits never appeared. Its triangular shape is not the most feminine and who seem to live in sportswear, jeans and vest tops. Little did you know that this is the way same that is perfect for the catwalk!

What to bring Your wardrobe basic necessity has to be a coat or dress in a tea drapery fabric and you can get away with any pattern you like! Skinny jeans are ideal for playing to the hips, like a snake. The heels should be sensitive to focus on the calves and thin ankles exquisite.


The rounder of all body shapes, and perfect to embrace! You are usually the least confident, but an apple shape is often just a little fat puppy or the spread of dreaded age medium. Instead draping of yourself in yards of fabric, shape and embrace his suit your style. Your body may be redefined if you choose the right clothes.

What bring? Avoiding any additional package is key, so skirts and pants must be part clamping and flat forehead. Traditional jeans are not great with apples, but if you like denim then try a tailor wide leg jeans. A small wedge is the perfect shoe to show off your shapely legs. Select Accessories like a madman, the bigger the better!

So there we have some suggestions on how to dress no matter what its form. And remember, as and size are very different – and study our guide carefully before you try out our tips!

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