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Pleated Open Toe

Pleated Open Toe
Question about fashion? Plz help !!!!!?

Well I have 13 years and this program called juvenile court. It's almost a teen court. Anyway, I'm a lawyer and I do not know what to wear. For a couple of days I have been wearing a black suit jacket, a white button up, a skirt pleated black suit and high heels pantyhosed tip. Sometimes I put my hair in a ponytail and put a fake poppy on it, but that's all. I have spent than 3 times in a row! Does anyone have a suggestion? Our dress code: black or blue request (optional jacket) or skirts below the knee, pants are allowed. White button up (short or long sleeves) no life jackets, clothes or street shoes. THANK YOU !!!!!!

heyy! im 13 too. and I do something as the one you cut. well what they could do is wear the jacket with your team one day, switch to a blue jacket, then do not wear a jacket. when you get your jackets to wear the shirt under it, and when your not a big sleeve. you may also have different slopes. as a high waist that could be used with a belt black wide. and other than your normal waist skirt. lol. I personally do not like long skirts. but that is another option. for shoes that you could do some fancy looking best high-heeled boots. and you can also wear shoes that you described. you can also get all the floors in black and has a button or something nice on the side. in As for your socks you should get black socks with some attractive designs on them. you can easily find the target or forever 21. if you can put your hair in a ponytail that is a blow to the crown of his head. looks super cute. You can also do that and put your hair down. or even curl your hair and make that looks incredible. lol. I hope my advice helped! =) <3

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